Monday, March 27, 2006

More of the stately Gergiev

My lovely cat seems quite content to have had me cloistered with her this weekend as I wrote my prospectus. I let her sit on my lap as I typed and even let her lick my cup after finishing my mocha . . . b/c although she has no interest in coffee, she apparently loves mochas. Maybe what she really likes is chocolate. Someday, Gergie, we will be rich and you will get Whiskas again instead of dollar store cat food! Of course, by that time, you may prefer mocha dregs to fancy cat food anyway, for it will take a great many mochas, I predict, to get me through my diss.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gergiev the fitness trainer

Ah, the infinite talents of my beloved cat continue to unfold! The ever stately Gergiev has now found a simple, yet remarkably effective way to increase my strength and endurance. Due to the unfortunate onset of runner's knee, your humble narrator has been forced to take up a new exercise routine and has chosen the dignified technique of bicycling in the air. I soon discovered, however, that replacing 40 minutes of jogging with 40 continuous minutes of this strange exercise was not so easy as it might at first seem . . . so I would take little breaks and put my feet down to rest for 5 seconds every 5-10 minutes. Gergiev, realizing that this was unacceptable, determined to put a stop to it at once by stretching out and purring directly under my legs and feet whenever I exercise, not only making it quite impossible for me to rest my legs but also ensuring that I keep my legs raised rather high in the air so as not to disturb her majesty's rest.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

On the minor horrors of an overly loving cat

Gergiev has been quite needy since I returned home. Insists on sleeping with me. Follows me around the house. Jumps onto the table as I eat and skulks over to the far side so that I cannot shoo her off without getting up. Sits on my books when I try to read and on my paper when I try to take notes. Stands in front of monitor when I try to type. Tries to taste my mocha. Is generally disruptive of the entire prospectus writing process. Must now peel cat off of lap and go to bed.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Fancy Feast not so fancy

Apparently, Fancy Feast is not fancy enough for the almight Gergiev. No longer content with mere cat food, she now stalks and attacks my strawberry yogurt when I but turn my head to pick up my coffee. Tricksy little cat.

All this comes after my returning home to find that my little Gergie, rather than meowing at my absence, held some wild cat party instead, trashing my apartment and developing quite the reputation for me in my apartment complex. And to think that I brought her home a catnip plant as a peace offerring for being gone! She does not appreciate her catnip, sniffing it haughtily and turning up her nose. All I am going to say is that she had better not start nibbling on my other plants instead. Perhaps I will give her spurned catnip plant to one of the pudgy neighborhood cats that lounge about nearby.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good-bye, little Gergiev, for a few days

Tomorrow I must leave my lovely cat to her own devices as I visit my parents and their tuxedo-colored feline Domino. Hopefully Gergiev will exhaust herself practicing her pouncing and piano playing while I am away so that we may sleep in peace upon my return. I hope that she will not be horribly jealous that I am leaving her temporarily for another cat. If she liked to travel, I would take her with me so that she could visit her feline cousin. Of course, she might then not want to leave or might want me to adopt a companion for her . . . and this could never be. I must maintain my commitment to a one-cat household.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My hair is not a pillow

Last night, Gergiev decided to pace back and forth on my hair as I tried to sleep. Then she knocked off a bunch of music and even a rather large book from my pump organ, apparently in retaliation for not being allowed to sleep on my hair. Why, oh why, must my lovely cat have such strange desires? Why cannot she be content to sleep beside me?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gergiev the wonder cat

I see that my clever cat has taken the picture I posted of her and placed it upon her blog. I did not know that my cat was so computer savvy. What other talents might she have that I know not of? And why will she write a blog but refuse to talk to me? I talk to her all the time . . . and to think that we could have been having a proper conversation. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am indeed the real Jeni

Do not be fooled by fake blogs.
There is only one real Jeni.

How might you know that I am the real Jeni?
Who else would have a picture of the real Gergiev?
Yes, now you see.

Isn't Gergie stately?
You might be inclined to think that she is the perfection of cat.
Unfortunately, she does like to awaken me at night. Meowing.
I suppose that's just how cats are sometimes.