Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gergiev the fitness trainer

Ah, the infinite talents of my beloved cat continue to unfold! The ever stately Gergiev has now found a simple, yet remarkably effective way to increase my strength and endurance. Due to the unfortunate onset of runner's knee, your humble narrator has been forced to take up a new exercise routine and has chosen the dignified technique of bicycling in the air. I soon discovered, however, that replacing 40 minutes of jogging with 40 continuous minutes of this strange exercise was not so easy as it might at first seem . . . so I would take little breaks and put my feet down to rest for 5 seconds every 5-10 minutes. Gergiev, realizing that this was unacceptable, determined to put a stop to it at once by stretching out and purring directly under my legs and feet whenever I exercise, not only making it quite impossible for me to rest my legs but also ensuring that I keep my legs raised rather high in the air so as not to disturb her majesty's rest.


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