Friday, March 17, 2006

Fancy Feast not so fancy

Apparently, Fancy Feast is not fancy enough for the almight Gergiev. No longer content with mere cat food, she now stalks and attacks my strawberry yogurt when I but turn my head to pick up my coffee. Tricksy little cat.

All this comes after my returning home to find that my little Gergie, rather than meowing at my absence, held some wild cat party instead, trashing my apartment and developing quite the reputation for me in my apartment complex. And to think that I brought her home a catnip plant as a peace offerring for being gone! She does not appreciate her catnip, sniffing it haughtily and turning up her nose. All I am going to say is that she had better not start nibbling on my other plants instead. Perhaps I will give her spurned catnip plant to one of the pudgy neighborhood cats that lounge about nearby.


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