Monday, February 26, 2007

Veterinarian Pukay Give Wrong Advice In The Ottawa Citizen

In the Ottawa Citizen, a reader writes to ask:
Both my parents are from the "old country" and neither believes in having dogs or cats neutered. They prefer to have our two-year-old tomcat remain intact and "natural" as "nature had intended" (in their words). How do I convince my parents that it is in the cat's own best interest to be neutered? Maybe you could list all the benefits of neutering male cats in your column and I could show it to them.
Dr. Bernhard Pukay, an Ottawa veterinarian, answers:
Most pet owners are aware their pets should be neutered....In short, neutering is also the responsible thing to do.
Unfortunately, Pukay has only perpetuated a falsity that is in opposition to Catism thereby misinforming the reader. The Founder and Glorious Leader of Catism The Cat Gergiev has written, "TNR is trap-neuter-return, a policy that robs cats of their reproductive rights." The parents of the reader of the Ottawa Citizen should not neuter a cat because it is against the cat's reproductive freedom. If Pukay thinks neutering is so great then why did he neglect to say he himself is neutered?

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Friday, February 23, 2007

An Invitation and a Proposal in Support of Catism

To show my support for students of Catism around the world, I would like to invite Pierre the cat to be a guest blogger. I would also like to propose that March be officially declared Catism Month. Catism Month would designate a particular time for all to reflect on the importance of cats and Catism in our lives and to honor and learn about the important cats in history.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


While my cat Gergiev lazes about, having her ghost plants blog for her while the wrongs of the world go undiscussed, her human companion composes poetry dedicated to last Saturday night.

Taco Cabana
At the end of winter with
Badminton and rum

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Arrival of cat provokes disappearance of humans

In a shocking new development, the new owners of Microblocks have disappeared from the face of the earth. After cutting off all contact with friends and family, the sadistic Siamese Microblocks is thought to have sent her new owners/adopters to an early grave in order to reign supreme in their quaint early 20th century home. Rumor has it that Copper and Blocks are being held captive in the spare bedroom in order to be sacrificed in an elaborate ceremony to initiate the young Siamese Blocks as a god. And to think that such an adorable little kitten could be capable of such crimes . . .

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chapter Two Blues

Once upon a time, a lovely white cat came and perched upon the shoulder of one Jeni. Said Jeni wrote and wrote, and before she knew it, she had produced a chapter. But suddenly and most inexplicably, the white cat disappeared, leaving Jeni all alone to face the abyss of dissertating. The devastated Jeni wandered around through the dark forests for many fortnights, writing a pagagraph here and another there, only to find the resulting writing quite incomprehensible, plunging her to the edge of despair.

This very day, however, Jeni has caught a glimpse of the white cat once more even amid the cavernous dungeons of the law school . . . come back, white cat, and return to me your infinite wisdom.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Mary Flannery recently proclaimed that "I will expose Microblocks to not only Catism and Dogism, but birdism, ratism, insectism, and fishism. It will be up to her to choose her own path when she is at an age where she can reason. Our household is agnosticat."

This prompts the obvious question: is Catism an exclusionary, sectarian philosophy?