Monday, April 30, 2007

Some sort of progress

A draft of chapter two is now complete. Now I may enjoy CA guilt-free. :)

Random thoughts from yesterday

Yesterday, I tried as hard as I could to avoid dissertation writing. Perhaps a few randomly selected thoughts that went through my head during the day will give you a sense of what it is like to write a dissertation:

Are flea markets open on Sunday?

Is $10 too high for a toaster oven?

I wonder if that guy is actually going to get change or if he's just gonna run off with my $20.

Moving heavy furniture around is a great idea.

Wow, it's actually kind of hard to move a bookcase that's like two feet taller than I am.

I should move this pump organ into my bedroom.

I should move this pump organ out of my bedroom.

How come this organ was so easy to get into this room and so impossible to get out?

If I can't get it out of the room, maybe I can at least move it back in.

If only I could squeeze my rib cage through this four and a 1/2 inch opening . . . I just need to try a little harder.

Is it possible my organ is haunted and has purposefully trapped me in my own bedroom?

What am I going to do with these two leftover chairs?

Why do I own a spice rack? What is the point of decanting spices? This will not do.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

exciting weekend

On this most lovely weekend, your narrator hast decided to invest in some charming vintage items purchased on eBay and the local flea market: some necklaces, a pair of earrings (the old-fashioned, screw-in kind), and a fur collar.

Meanwhile, my clever cat Gergiev has been stalking the venerable paper shredder, pouncing upon parcels from my aforementioned shopping adventure, and lying adorably in a basket.

Today, your humble narrator and her cat were visited by two schnauzers and a freakishly tall man. Gergiev has since complained that she does not approve of such company--the schnauzers, that is. She does not seem to have any qualms with the freakishly tall. Yet.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let the revolution begin . . .

Here are the lyrics from a song called "Song for the Orca" that I would like to dedicate to my fiesty cat Gergiev. May the cats inherit the earth! Enjoy . . .

This song is for the orca,
Swimmin' 'round in circles at Sea World,
Someday you'll drown the dude with the clip-board,

This song is for the gator,
Layin' in the roadside cage in FLA,
You'll tear the cracker to shreds someday,
I'll read about you in USA Today,
And it feels so nice,
That the Lord made this day,
And it feels so right,
To know that justice,
Will have it's say,

This song is for the pitbull,
Covered in the cigarette burns,
Someday you'll find a sweet aorta,
Someday, someday,

This song is for the lion,
Shaved of all his dignity and pride,
One will fall over that railing someday,
I'll see the story on MSNBC,
And it feels so right,
That the Lord let this be,
And it feels so right,
To know that justice does agree,

This song is for the python,
Coiled in the box that does not fit,
Someday you'll crush the air from his lungs,

This song is for the ape now,
Staring out through bars with comprehending eyes,
At dull and useless people,

This song is for the orca,
Dreaming of the Norway fjord,
With open sores from rubbin' dirty tank walls,

Thursday, April 12, 2007

What To Do About Deadly Cat Food Still On Shelves

In these days of deadly cat food the Founder and Glorious Leader of Catism The Cat Gergiev has dutifully reported on the number one issue facing cats right now on a daily basis. The Menu Food cat food recall has resulted in documented deaths, company distortions, and much more.

A most important post by The Cat Gergiev is "Cat Food That Is Not Recalled." This contains information to start research on safe cat food. It is not easy and simple, but when there is still deadly cat food on store shelves there is no alternative.

Catism must not be ignored.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A dream come true . . .

Today, one of your narrator's greatest dreams hast come to pass: she received an email from one Hello Kitty. It was a most glorious event, despite the mildly disappointing fact that it was a mass email and not addressed specifically to her. I suspect this could be the beginning of an adorable animated friendship . . .

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Science success!!

Once upon a time long long ago, little Jeni fell in love with a coffee shop outside of Ft. Worth. Said coffee shop made a wonderfully light and fluffy cold cappuccino drink with a sweet thick frothy layer on top, much like a traditional hot cappuccino. Eventually, the mighty empire of one Starbucks gained dominion over the earth, so that when the now grown Jeni returned from college she couldst find her shop no more. Long did she mourn her loss, until finally at long last, she didst this very day perfect the secret recipe to the drink of her youth. Said drink contains:

a double shot of expresso
sugar (to taste)
cream/milk (to taste)
1/2 scoop vanilla flavored whey protein
4 ice cubes

Process in blender until smooth and frothy.