Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Science success!!

Once upon a time long long ago, little Jeni fell in love with a coffee shop outside of Ft. Worth. Said coffee shop made a wonderfully light and fluffy cold cappuccino drink with a sweet thick frothy layer on top, much like a traditional hot cappuccino. Eventually, the mighty empire of one Starbucks gained dominion over the earth, so that when the now grown Jeni returned from college she couldst find her shop no more. Long did she mourn her loss, until finally at long last, she didst this very day perfect the secret recipe to the drink of her youth. Said drink contains:

a double shot of expresso
sugar (to taste)
cream/milk (to taste)
1/2 scoop vanilla flavored whey protein
4 ice cubes

Process in blender until smooth and frothy.


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