Monday, February 26, 2007

Veterinarian Pukay Give Wrong Advice In The Ottawa Citizen

In the Ottawa Citizen, a reader writes to ask:
Both my parents are from the "old country" and neither believes in having dogs or cats neutered. They prefer to have our two-year-old tomcat remain intact and "natural" as "nature had intended" (in their words). How do I convince my parents that it is in the cat's own best interest to be neutered? Maybe you could list all the benefits of neutering male cats in your column and I could show it to them.
Dr. Bernhard Pukay, an Ottawa veterinarian, answers:
Most pet owners are aware their pets should be neutered....In short, neutering is also the responsible thing to do.
Unfortunately, Pukay has only perpetuated a falsity that is in opposition to Catism thereby misinforming the reader. The Founder and Glorious Leader of Catism The Cat Gergiev has written, "TNR is trap-neuter-return, a policy that robs cats of their reproductive rights." The parents of the reader of the Ottawa Citizen should not neuter a cat because it is against the cat's reproductive freedom. If Pukay thinks neutering is so great then why did he neglect to say he himself is neutered?

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