Friday, April 14, 2006

Giant Rabbit Tale #1

Once upon a time, there was a little rabbit named Peterkin. Peterkin, being a clever little rabbit, liked to investigate new and exciting clover patches and so continually wandered further and further from his lovely briar patch home. One day, he stumbled across a most curious thing--a wild strawberry patch flourishing in the forest. Having never tasted a strawberry, Peterkin immediately plucked one to nibble upon. But just as Peterkin was enjoying his very first strawberry, a great shadow fell over him and he trembled in fear. Looking up, he found himself staring directly into the face of a giant rabbit, who bellowed, "Who dares to eat of the sacred strawberries of the Great Rabbit?" Peterkin was trembling too much to answer. "For this crime, I shall cast you into the great pit!" said the Great Rabbit as he reached his monstrous paw down to capture the small rabbit. But the paw of the Great Rabbit was so large that it took some time for him to move it and the swift young Peterkin took off running in terror. Eventually, he hopped all the way back to his lovely briar patch and vowed that he would forever be content with the delicate and tasty clover that flourished near his lovely home. As Peterkin aged, his tale of the Great Rabbit became known far and wide among the rabbit colony and served as a warning for little rabbits who longed to venture far away in search of the ever elusive better clover.


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