Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Break on through to the other side . . .

So one day I return home and while attempting to maneuver the lock on the courtyard door with an armful of books, I hear the stately Gergiev meow at me. Startled, I remembered that I had left the window open and see her perched on the window ledge with her face pressed against the screen. For several days, Gergiev continues to so greet me upon my arrival. Then yesterday, I return home to find Gergiev perched on the outside portion of the window ledge. After collecting my escaped cat, I enter my apartment and discover, with horror, that my demure little cat has reduced my curtains to shreds and clawed her way through the screen . . . apparently for no better reason than to sit on the other side of the ledge. But perhaps this was all but a dream inspired by the Doors, and I shall return to my calm feline once again.


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