Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What To Do If Your Co-Workers Bore You

How To Get Included When Co-Workers Leave You Out addressed Amy's question to Ask Amy about what to do regarding naked women in e-mail forwards at work that she did not receive.

Typical of most advice columnists, Ask Amy, or the asking Amy, left out many details. Anonymous mentions one such scenario that may arise.

As I wrote to the asking Amy:
You need to assess yourself. Why are you growing intolerant? Why are you so afraid of porn? Why are you embarrassed by it? Is it your parents? School? Are you afraid of sexuality?
Once the asking Amy assesses herself she might conclude with the assessment that commentor Anonymous takes up:
Some people just find porn boring rather than offensive.
In the case where Amy finds porn boring she should begin yawning as her co-workers discuss their porn pictures around the water cooler, and tell them, "Could we possibly discuss something more boring? Like work?" Should they protest, she may then tell them that she understands because her son, cousin, nephew, or brother used to find porn exciting. Then he turned 16 and started dating girls, which he found to be much more exciting, and she is sure they will eventually grow into real pursuits. She could then offer to provide them all dating advice for $25 an hour per person in a group session. She will then making money during her lunch break.



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