Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean III: Curse of the Evil Computer

Pirate Jeni has once again been cursed, this time with evil computers. First, her office machine decided no longer to function. Then her home computer flared up, making horrible racket. Finally, computer of one unidentified shipmate, which she wast using most competently, decided to turn itself off for no apparent reason.

Being the brave pirate that she is, however, Jeni perservered in her quest to conquer the world. Office computer was replaced. Fellow shipmate's computer restarted after discovery of mysterious power strip that was in "off" position led to glorious restoration to its rightful "on" position. And home computer yesterday no longer made loud whirring noise of death after a week of disuse. Now, Jeni doth seek once more after treasures . . .


Blogger Mad Scientist said...

Jeni is not a pirate.

Since Jeni prefers non-rhotic speech, she is incapable of even impersonating a pirate. Her attempts at the classic pirate expression "Arrrrgh!" only come out as a polite and soothing "Ahhhh..."

(because Jeni is British)

10/04/2006 8:09 PM  

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