Monday, August 14, 2006

There's no place like home . . .

Your humble narrator hast finally returned home to her friends and cat after embarking upon her numerous adventures, including trips to the true Golden Gate bridge and to the lesser, one-lane, wooden-plank Golden Gate bridge near Eureka Springs almost precisely one week (down to the hour) after visiting its much larger and less scary counterpart.

Sadly, it seems that cat Gergiev toyed with the idea of interviewing potential new owners in my absence. Perhaps catism involves an anti-vagabonding strain of which I was unaware. So I must now endeavor to regain the affection of my beloved cat. For although your narrator didst offer to take said cat with her on road trip to the faraway land of Edmond, she didst refuse such kind offer, preferring to stay in humble abode alone, thus withholding her company from her doting human companion for the better part of two weeks.


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