Sunday, July 30, 2006

A cat suffering from feline superiority

Upon returning of late from trip to visit most learned philosophy professor, your humble narrator was bombarded by the neediest of all lovely cats. Said cat didst proceed to curl up upon her hair. Whilst attempting to disentangle claws from hair, it didst finally occur to your brilliant narrator the likely cause of this phenomenon: said cat adores my hair due to its likeness to her own fur. Cat Gergiev's attraction to my hair is not a sign of affection for her loving human companion so much as it is a source of narcissistic pleasure. As my brilliant and lovely readers may already have guessed, such is an unmistakeable sign of felinocentrism, which is defined as the privileging of the feline in understanding meaning or social relations.

Furthermore, my cat has apparently recruited a feline goon, known as Big Bad Bobcat, to patrol her blog and threaten any who might be so bold as to question catism in any way. Such ridiculous measures reveal the dangers of radical catism.

The time has come for little cats to put away such obvious biases for the greater good of all.


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