Monday, May 15, 2006

Of catnip and cats

So the indomitable Gergiev went to visit her cousin Domino this weekend only to discover that the tuxedo-colored feline cowered in terror beneath the bed of her human companions. Apparently the sight of my stately cat was quite traumatic for the lesser Domino, who displayed her feelings of threatened supremacy through extensive growling and hissing throughout the long weekend. The ever stately Gergiev responded with a calm stoicism that would have made Seneca proud.

While the felines had their standoff inside, I worked out of doors gardening in clownish outfit of extraordinarily baggy sweatshirt and most unflattering black leggings paired with the whitest of socks due to unseasonably cool morning weather and my failure to bring a travel wardrobe of clothing more substantial than the tank top and little tennis skirt. But during said gardening adventure, the spurned catnip plant of Gergiev got re-potted in nice large copper planter and surrounded with lovely smooth stones. So now its growth, previously hindered by its most small receptacle, may now proceed to the monstrous proportions desired by my fickle little cat.

Meanwhile back at the quaint abode of Jeni and Gergiev, Seymour has been growing rapidly and my white peruvian daffodil, virtually dormant but a fortnight ago, has put out a bud and shows every sign of opening forthwith. And surely a peruvian daffodil shall be quite exotic, much like the beloved bear Paddington, also from Darkest Peru.


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