Monday, May 08, 2006

Mystery plant magically appears

Upon venturing from my apartment today, I discovered that someone apparently deposited a potted plant upon my vehicle under the vast cover of night. Deciding to rescue the mysterious plant rather than leaving it to rot upon the ground and potentially incurring the wrath of the Great Plant, I took it in to keep company with monster catnip plant (which shall soon be replanted in larger pot in order to accomodate its furious growth), rosemary plant, and violet plant. Gergiev has officially adopted the mystery plant and christened it Seymour.

So now I have many plants but only one cat. If I get too many plants, I might be forced to adopt another feline for balance. Hopefully, no more plants will appear ex nihilo so that the stately Gergie may keep her undisputed reign over the apartment.


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